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Mississippi Samborees

Text Box: The State of Mississippi holds a Samboree once a year.  We generally try to alternate between the northern and southern end of the state.  In 2015 our Samboree is being held at, Verona, MS in late May.  The Verona facility has water and electric for 135—rigs.  In addition to our Samboree, we are planning to have several other Friendship Rally’s that we hope you will be there to share the fun and fellowship with Gordon & Jan, their staff and the Mississippi membership!  See below for more details…….
Our Samborees are full of activities, games, seminars, meals, vendors and more.  Thursday night is the official kick-off, but if you can come earlier, lots of fun is shared by all prior to Thursday.  Thursday morning early, the duffers head out for their bi-annual Golf Tournament.  Tours are held on Thursdays and Fridays.  Saturday night we have our catered meal and our main entertainment and than close it down with the awards being passed to all the game champions. 
Some do’s and do not’s at a Mississippi Good Sam Samboree
	Always do bring your American flag to fly
	Always do bring extra electrical cord/adapters and water hose with Y’s
	Do plan on being very tired each evening from all the activity
	Do plan on leaving with more friends than you had when you arrived
	Do not miss the chance to be part of Mississippi Good Sam History
	Do supervise and clean-up after your pet
	Do n0t put your awning out, space is tight—Sorry!
If you haven’t been to a Mississippi Samboree, we extend a warm invitation to come join in the fun and fellowship.  If you have been before; once or many times, we look forward to seeing you once again.
Text Box: 2015 Mississippi Samboree

     “A Stroll Down 
              Memory Lane”

Lee County Agri-center
Verona, MS  38879

May 28 - 31, 2015
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Flowchart: Alternate Process: Review Official Mississippi Good Sam Game Rules
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"Dance as if no one's watching, sing as if no one's listening, and live everyday as if it were your last"